Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty

Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty Aleluya, aleluya, Oh the Lord God Almighty! (x 3) Holy Holy Holy are you Lord God Almighty Worthy is the Lamb, Worthy is the Lamb. You are Holy Holy Holy Holy are you Lord God Almighty You are Holy Holy are you Lord God Almighty Worthy is the Lamb, […]

Starting Over (Part 4) Release It
by Andy Stanley

This is the last message in Andy’s four-part series Starting Over. In this episode he explains how to release the past. This is to ensure that next time won’t be like last time. What we mean by that is if you’re in a stage of life where you’re starting over academically, professionally, a new marriage, […]

Starting Over (Part 3) Rethink It
by Andy Stanley

Sometimes we look at our past and our decisions don’t even make sense to us. In this episode Andy explains how to transform our thinking. If you’re starting over with anything or you’re about to start over, you’re just coming out of a bad job situation, a bad marriage situation, bad relationship situation, you are […]

Starting Over (Part 2) Own It
by Andy Stanley

We are in the second part of this series called “Starting Over” and the subtitle is “How to ensure next time won’t be like the last time.”  I am going to talk about three processes that you have to engage with to make sure that next time is better than last time.  The three go […]

Starting Over (Part 1) Three Myths
by Andy Stanley

What do you do when life falls apart? This message in his four-part series explains how to pick up the pieces. The title of this series is “Starting Over” and the subtitle is “How to ensure next time won’t be like last time”. How do we be sure next time won’t be like last time? […]

Jim Caviezel Testimony

Jim Caviezel doesn’t want people to see him in the movie “The Passion of Christ”, Jim wants them to see Jesus. After watching video, scroll down to see related links. Related Links

Worth Is The Lamb

“Worthy Is The Lamb” Lyrics Thank you for the cross, Lord Thank you for the price You paid Bearing all my sin and shame In love You came And gave amazing grace Thank you for this love, Lord Thank you for the nail pierced hands Washed me in Your cleansing flow Now all I know […]

Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace” Lyrics Amazing grace! How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind, but now I see. ’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my fears relieved; How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed. Through many […]

He Loves Us
by Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley asks what God thinks about when God thinks about you.  What you think God thinks about you really has a huge impact on what you think about when you think about God.  I generally think that God thinks about me basically what I think about me.  We live and think as if God […]

Discovering God’s Will 3
by Andy Stanley

God has a will for our lives and he wants us to know and in most cases He wants us to know it worse than we want to know it. One question is how in the world does God speak to us through Scripture and how are we to use the scripture to determine and […]