“Bible Evidence” Videos

The Bible as Evidence

Is the Bible the word of God or just a story? Dan Kimball examines the historicity of the Bible and whether or not it’s reliable or even relevant. [watch video]

Is Today's Bible Authentic?

Is the Bible reliable? Eric Metaxas explores some of the ways we can know that today’s version of the Bible is legit. [watch video]

Why the Bible? by Ravi Zacharias

For two evenings, Ravi Zacharias answers hard-hitting questions from a student-packed auditorium at University of Illinois. [watch video]

Bible Reliability by Lee Strobel

It wasn’t until Strobel analyzed the Bible thoroughly that he concluded it had a divine origin. [watch video]

Is The Bible Accurate by Josh McDowell

McDowell proposes 2 questions which test the accuracy of the Bible: 1) Is what we have today the same at what was written originally? 2) Is what was written true? [watch video]

Is The Bible True

Authors of the New Testament are eyewitnesses to the work of Jesus or they recorded eyewitness accounts. In addition, external evidence proves the bible is true and accurate. [watch video]

Is The Bible Reliable?

How could someone put their trust in the Bible if people are constantly questioning its reliability? [watch video]