These insightful online devotionals will help make your daily Bible study more effective and meaningful. Read daily, these devotionals will challenge and encourage you to experience God and fully live the life He has planned for you.

Find an inspirational devotion for today from authors like Charles Stanley, Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Oswald Chambers, Charles Spurgeon, and many others.
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Y-Jesus Newsletter

Sent monthly, this newsletter features compelling articles which provide solid evidence confirming the claims of Jesus and the Bible, answer tough questions about Christianity and the origins of the universe, and explore the shortcomings of other world religions in contrast to the glorious Gospel of Christ.

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Sent monthly, this newsletter features insightful articles and helpful tools for spiritual growth and discipleship to strengthen and enrich your walk with God.

Discover Eternal Significance

KingdomNomics Applied

Our time, talent, and treasure, the 3 Ts, are being consumed daily by something. Through the KingdomNomics Applied devotions, you will discover principles that can help you become a wise steward of your time, talent, and treasure.

These 31 life-transforming devotions will help you:

  • Discover how to use all of your resources strategically to glorify God.
  • Become more heavenly minded and earthly sensitive.
  • Experience the benefits of joyfully trading earthly, temporary gratification for something that will last forever.

Each of us is given a “loaf” of time. Each new day shortens it by one slice. You’ll make many investments in this life; the moments invested in exploring these devotions will bring dividends that will change your eternal future.
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30 Days to Smarter Living

Find the wisdom you need for your challenges, relationships and pursuits. Dr. Randall Loy has categorized the proverbs of King Solomon into topics related to your need. Gains insights for your situation from the wisest man who ever lived.

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Biblical Counseling Insights

From Coping to Cure

Why are so many Christians unhappy?  From Coping to Cure by Dr. Henry Brandt looks at the relief available through people helping people, through human efforts apart from God. Then, the lessons explore the many dimensions of Christ the Cure: God’s healing love can transform the most miserable life into one of comfort, joy, and deep personal peace. Lessons are sent once per week.

Keys to Happy Family Living

Sent once per week, Keys to Happy Family Living by Dr. Henry Brandt is written for anyone who desires to be the best marriage partner and the best parent possible. Happy, successful parenthood is based upon a successful partnership, which in turn requires two individuals who themselves are happy, contented, and competent.