Explore the Bible

As Christians, we are disciples of Christ who are committed to learning His truth and following His directions. We are to become Christ-like in our character by renewing our mind with the truth of God’s Word. God wants truth to be the foundation upon which we build our lives. So He has given us the Bible and within its pages, He reveals what is true and exposes what is not.

As you read, ask yourself questions, and answer them! What does this mean?

  • What does this passage reveal about God and how to have a more intimate relationship with Him?
  • What does this teach me about faith, hope and love?
  • What new insights can I obtain about my new identity in Christ and how God has designed me?
  • How does God want me to depend on Him for wisdom, strength and resources to meet my needs and accomplish His purposes?
  • How can I resist Satan’s schemes and seek refuge in God from evil?
  • What are God’s purposes and objectives for life to which He wants me to be committed?
  • How does God direct our steps toward the fulfillment of His specific plan for our life?

As you read, talk to God about everything you are thinking.  Cultivate the sense of His presence and His love. Worship Him. Thank Him for what you are reading and learning and thinking and experiencing. Give Him your intense attention and concentration Praise Him.

Read the Bible Online

Do you want to discover what the Bible says about God, life and eternity? But perhaps you don’t have a Bible. Now you can study the Bible online in the Bible translation of your choice and find Bible answers to your questions. The links below will take you to websites that have Bible scriptures available in hundreds of different languages. (Read the Bible Online)

Download the Bible

Want to study the Bible, but don’t have one of your own?  You can now get free bible downloads available in more than 100 languages. (Download the Bible)

Listen to the Audio Bible

Is it sometimes more convenient for you to listen to the Bible online rather than read it?  Whether you’re looking for an mp3 audio bible download, a Bible audio book, or an audio Bible study, you can find them all here in one convenient place. (Listen to the Bible)

Bible Apps

Do you want quick access to the Bible on your smart phone or tablet? Download one or more of these apps so you can have the Bible at your fingertips. With a Bible app, you can be filling your mind with God’s Word no matter where you are whenever you have time. (Download Bible Apps)

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