“Receive Jesus” Videos

Your Life Has Purpose

Does your life have meaning? Are you created for a purpose? [watch video]

Begin The Relationship

God loves you and offers you a way to have a personal relationship with Him! [watch video]

Why He Died

Each person owes a debt to God that is so great no one but God can pay it. [watch video]

Is Jesus the Only Way

Have you ever been asked the question 'Is Jesus the Only Way?' What does Jesus say? [watch video]

Falling Plates

Learn about the life, death, and love of a savior. [watch video]

Does Life Have a Purpose?

We all long for a sense of meaning in our lives. Does life have a purpose? [watch video]

Does Everyone Have a Purpose?

Can everyone really have a specific purpose? Pete Briscoe discusses knowing your individual purpose in life. [watch video]

Can We Know God Personally?

Is it possible to have a personal relationship with God? [watch video]

A Man Fell in a Hole

Various religions attempt to give a sufficient answer that only Jesus can give. [watch video]

Do You Believe

Would You Like to Know God Personally? [watch video]

Be Sure You Are a Christian

A three-fold commitment and faith in Christ are essential for a relationship with God. [watch video]

Develop the Relationship

The Bible Promises Eternal Life to All Who Receive Christ [watch video]

Stop and Think

This film with Francis Chan may change your life forever. The whole message of the Bible is not about this God who wants to take from you. It's about this God who wants to give to you. [watch video]

The Gospel Message

'Gospel' means 'good news.' Have you heard the 'good news' that God loves you, offers you forgiveness, and wants a personal relationship with you? Discover new life and eternity in Heaven. [watch video]