“Living for Jesus” Videos

I am a Disciple

Walk in the steps of one man, the Father and Savior. He tells us to go tell His story. [watch video]

Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

The only way to live the vibrant and abundant life that God has for each one of us is to allow Him to direct us through the Holy Spirit. [watch video]

Attributes of God

The most misunderstood term in the world is the term for God. When we properly understand God, we can trust Him to live through our lives. [watch video]

The Choices We Make

Choices are made everyday. Decision we make effect our lives tomorrow. [watch video]

Experience God’s Love and Forgiveness

Knowing Jesus personally as your Savior is the basis for experiencing God’s love and forgiveness. [watch video]


People follow others on social media. What is it like to follow Jesus? [watch video]

What is The Church?

Is the Church a building? A Pastor? The Staff? The Music? They are all good things, but they are not the church. [watch video]

Walk in the Spirit

Christ offers us a vibrant life full of purpose and adventure if we walk daily in the power of the Holy Spirit. [watch video]

Life of Integrity

Simple instructions to live a life of integrity. [watch video]

Life With God

Jesus didn't come to start a new religion. He came to show us what God was like. [watch video]

How Can God's Presence Calm My Doubts?

Doubt can zap you of joy and hinder your witness for Christ. How can God's presence put those doubts to rest? [watch video]

Give Up! – 1st Peter 4:7-11

We need to use our gifts to serve others and faithfully administer God's Grace in its various forms. [watch video]

Jesus More Than a Savior

We admire the humility of Jesus, but do we want to become that humble? Is that the direction of your life? [watch video]

Be Still

Be still and know God is the provider, counselor, strength giver, peace giver, and so much more. [watch video]

Must Christians Attend Church?

When we become believers we are born into a family of faith. We are part of a community of faith for all eternity. [watch video]

Have I Committed The Unpardonable Sin?

If you're worried about it, you didn't do it. It isn't an act, it is a continuous willful ongoing rejection of Christ. [watch video]

Discovering God’s Will 3
by Andy Stanley

God has a will for our lives and he wants us to know and in most cases He wants us to know it worse than we want to know it. [watch video]

Discovering God’s Will 4
by Andy Stanley

God wants you to know what He wants you to do. He wants to be involved in the decision making process. [watch video]

God Wants to Talk With You
by Rick Warren

Without communication there is no relationship. How do you tune in to hear God speak to you? [watch video]

Claiming Your Legal Rights
by Tony Evans

It is clear that you and I live in an environment in a world that has been contaminated by sin bringing about a smelly way to live. [watch video]

Trusting God In The Darkness
by Tony Evans

What do you do when uncertainty is in front of you. When you feel like you’re falling apart at the seams? [watch video]

When You Feel Like Giving Up
by Tony Evans

When you audit a college class you want the information without the responsibility. You don’t want the work of it, just the knowledge about it. [watch video]

When God Allows Your Crisis
by Tony Evans

Where do you go when your life is falling apart? [watch video]

Learn How To Be Led By God’s Spirit
by Rick Warren

You know life is a series of choices. We make our choices and then they make us. [watch video]

Learn How to Recognize God’s Voice
by Rick Warren

When I get an idea in my head how do I know when it’s from God? Is it from God, is it my idea, or did it come from the devil? [watch video]

Learn How To Be Set Free From Self-Destruction
by Rick Warren

Do you know there are three enemies that want to mess up your life? They want to keep you from having joy and purpose in your life? [watch video]

Why God Delays Your Blessing
by Tony Evans

If there is one thing that the Christian faith offers you no matter what your circumstance, situation, background, history or sins is hope. [watch video]

Getting Through The Enemy’s Line
by Prayer Tony Evans

One of the toughest things for God to get his people to do is to look at life and live life from the spiritual frame of reference and not from the reference point of the five senses. [watch video]

Praying & Waiting for God’s Timing
by Tony Evans

Where there is no prayer there is no contact, and where there is no contact you do not get what God has already declared for you to have, known as his will. [watch video]

He Loves Us By Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley asks what God thinks about when God thinks about you. What you think God thinks about you really has a huge impact on what you think about when you think about God. [watch video]

Jim Caviezel Testimony

Jim Caviezel doesn’t want people to see him in the movie “The Passion of Christ”, Jim wants them to see Jesus. [watch video]

Starting Over (Part 1) Three Myths
by Andy Stanley

What do you do when life falls apart? This message in his four-part series explains how to pick up the pieces. [watch video]

Starting Over (Part 2) Own It
by Andy Stanley

We are in the second part of this series called “Starting Over” and the subtitle is “How to ensure next time won’t be like the last time. [watch video]

Starting Over (Part 3) Rethink It
by Andy Stanley

Sometimes we look at our past and our decisions don’t even make sense to us. In this episode Andy explains how to transform our thinking. [watch video]

Starting Over (Part 4) Release It
by Andy Stanley

In this episode he explains how to release the past. This is to ensure that next time won’t be like last time. [watch video]