“Jesus Evidence” Videos

Pulse of the World on Jesus

Lord? Liar? Lunatic? Legend? We asked what others around the world think about Jesus. [watch video]

Who Did Jesus Claim to Be?

As a magnetic leader, Jesus made bold claims. What did he say? Did he really claim to be God? [watch video]


Who Is Jesus?

What made Jesus a rock star and an “innovator” of his time? [watch video]

Jesus: God or Fraud?

The claims of Jesus present two possible conclusions: either he was the son of God or he was a mad liar. Which is true? [watch video]

Spoofs of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

The One Minute Apologist identifies the spoofs about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. [watch video]

Evidence Jesus Was God by Lee Strobel

The ancient world agrees that the tomb of Christ was empty. The resurrected Christ was seen by 515 eye witnesses. [watch video]

Is Jesus Really God?

Lord? Liar? Lunatic? Jesus actually claimed to be God. How can we possibly know if he was telling the truth? [watch video]


How is Jesus Different?

Jesus defines Christianity, but what sets him apart from other leaders? What makes him different? [watch video]




Was Jesus Married?

World renowned resurrection expert Gary Habermas talks to Bobby Conway and answers the question, 'Was Jesus Married?' [watch video]


Non-Biblical Evidence as Proof for Jesus Christ

The non-Biblical testimony of Biblical accounts of Cornelius Tacitus, Lucian of Samosata, and Flavius Josephus is discussed with skeptic interjections. [watch video]

Archaeological evidence for Jesus Christ

The stones cry out the truth of the New Testament. [watch video]




Proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

The One Minute Apologist gives us proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in this new episode. [watch video]


Is Jesus God?

Dr Bobby Conway answers the question 'Is Jesus God?' [watch video]


How Can We Know If Jesus Is God?

John Burke discusses evidence from the Bible and history that indicate Jesus is God. [watch video]




The Jesus Mystery - Trailer

Learn about the mystery of Jesus. [watch video]

Resurrection Factor

Josh McDowell proves that the bible is historically accurate and reliable and the resurrection of Christ is a historical fact. [watch video]


Is The Story Of Jesus Just Like Horace?

Jesus and Horace: are there similarities? Mary Jo Sharp talks about the differences between the historical Jesus and the mythical figure. [watch video]


Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

We all wonder what will happen to us after we die. When a loved one dies, we long to see them again after our turn comes. Will we have a glorious reunion with those we love or is death the end of all consciousness? [watch video]

Did Jesus Heal Two Blind Men?

How many blind men were healed? Bobby Conway addresses this apologetic issue in the synoptic Gospels. [watch video]


Is Jesus the Passover Lamb?

The One Minute Apologist asks the question, 'Is Jesus the Passover Lamb?' [watch video]