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When you invited Jesus into your life, you became a part of God’s family! It doesn’t matter what color your skin is; how smart you are; what kind of job you have; if you are a man, woman, teenager, or child; or how much money or stuff you have …you are part of the family of God. And you need to get to know the other members of your family!
(See Ephesians 2:19-22)

You, along with all other Christians of all time, make up what is known as the body of Christ, the Church. Jesus made a promise to you and me. When we come together, with Him as our focus … He is there: “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (See Matthew 18:20)

One of the main reasons many Christians live defeated lives is that they have isolated themselves from other believers. They think they can go it alone. That they can stay connected to Christ without being connected to His body, which is made up of other believers. It is important that you find a church or some type of group of Christians to connect with in order to grow in your relationship with God.

Throughout the New Testament of the Bible, Paul tells the early Christians that they are each vital “parts” of the “body of Christ”. The need to stay committed to God and to each other.

Every part of the body of Christ is important. And every part is interrelated. Think about your personal, physical body for a moment … every part has an important function and every part is interconnected. Likewise, the body of Christ is also interconnected. (See 1 Corinthians 12:14-27) It’s all the different-but-similar parts arranged and functioning together.

When you are joined together with other believers who are growing in Christ, you encourage one another and help one another stay focused on your mutual faith.

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