Bible Studies

God loves us with a great, unstoppable love. He created us in His image and gives us His love to share with others. These Bible studies can be used individually or with groups. The study questions are designed to encourage you to think deeply about God’s Word and to help you open yourself to more of His love.

The Father’s Love

Three Bible Study Lessons on the Lost Son

Jesus told the parable of the lost son to help us see our heavenly Father as He really is.  Nothing can stop God from loving you. His love for you does not depend upon your behaviors. You are of infinite worth to Him.
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Jesus’ Life of Love

Ten Bible Study Lessons from the Gospels

Jesus came to earth to show us God’s heart of compassion in a way we could understand. He died on the cross so you could know His love, abide in it and love others as He first loved you. God’s love sets you free to be the person He created you to be.
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The Power of Love

Six Bible Study Lessons from Paul’s Letters

Paul’s letters overflow with the power and provision of God’s unconditional, never-failing love. God treasures you beyond measure. He created you to experience His love, radiate His love and be transformed by His love.
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