Bible Study Courses

New Life in Christ Discipleship Series

Every week you will receive a Bible study that will help you grow in your relationship with God. You will discover how faith, prayer, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit will help you live an adventurous and purposeful Christian life.

We will also be sending you daily insights into the Bible based on passages found in the first four books of the New Testament, which are known as the Gospels or “Good News.” These devotionals will help you get to know Jesus better and deepen your relationship with God. (read more)

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Mini Bible College

Offers Bible lessons including a complete survey of the Bible, plus additional teachings on the Sermon on the Mount and on Family and Marriage topics. Listen to the audio lessons and read/download the corresponding student workbook lesson that contains study questions to help you learn. (Go to Mini Bible College)

More than 100 free online Bible and Theology classes available categorized for New Believers, All Christians, Church Leaders and Pastors. (Go to

Dallas Theological Seminary

Free online courses include:

• The Story of Scripture
• Luther
• Romans
• Revelation
• The Gospel of John
• How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor

(Go to Dallas Theological Seminary courses)

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Free online courses include:

• Christ-centered Exposition
• Theology and Culture
• Interpreting and Teaching the Bible
• Leyendo E Interpretando La Biblia
• Work and Worship
• A Biblical View of Wealth and Poverty
• Evangelism in the Local Church
• Christian Theology
• Practice of Missions
• History of Missions
• An Overview of The New Testament

(Go to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary courses)

The North American Reformed Seminary

Offers free seminary-level education and degrees coupled with pastoral mentoring and oversight. (Go to the North American Reformed Seminary courses)

The Gospel Coalition Resource Library

Search over 30,000 resources. Explore this extensive library, including audio, video and text resources. (Go to the Gospel Coalition Resource Library)