Fear vs. Faith

Feeling afraid? Is fear keeping you in bondage? Do you want to change?

Certain Christians circle back again and again to the same place of fear or anxiety, whether it relates to their health, their family, their finances, or whatever else may be troubling them. Some fear may be natural and acceptable. But living in fear because you refuse to move on is another matter: it is sin. A person can have a sinful fear habit just as surely as an immorality habit or a drunkenness habit.

If you have a fear habit, letting go of your fear and trusting God completely might seem like an impossibility. However, it is possible to substitute faith for the anxiety and the worry you are presently feeling.

Disbelief of God is a sin, and non-Christians are not the only ones who have a problem with this sin.

Though we are saved, we Christians, too, may doubt God’s promises to care for us. Such disbelief lies at the root of our ungodly instances of fear.

It is a truism that most of what we fear never comes to pass. And even when bad things do happen (certainly people do face some serious problems sometimes), God is still in control. This is when we need the faith to believe that God is in control. There is no cause to give in to fear.

You might not describe your problem as fear. You might think worry or anxiety describes it better. Sometimes you might not even be sure what you are anxious about. Or, you might have feelings of apprehension that do not rise to the level of fear, though they are troublesome enough. Persistent worry or anxiety is another condition that Christians need not and should not live with.

Life is a day-by-day affair. We do not know all that will happen in the future—but we do not need to. God will be with us in the future just as surely as He is with us in the present. Our part is to develop our trust in Him, leaving fear and anxiety behind in the process.

Do you want more faith that the Lord is near to you for help? If so, you are not alone in that desire. With the Spirit’s supernatural enabling, you can be a person of greater faith and you can shed your fear habit for good. Let the healing in this area of your life begin now.

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