Discover Your New Resources in Christ

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Why Grow?

If you are a Christian, you have, no doubt, been repeatedly encouraged to grow in your faith and relationship with God. But have you ever considered why Christian growth is so important?

It would seem it is an “end” — the ultimate goal for a believer. But is that really the case? Isn’t growth really a “means” to an “end”? (read more)

Trusting by Faith

When we are lacking faith, we begin to fall into patterns of self-reliance, worry and even depression. We may doubt that God is in control, or that He truly cares about us. God wants us to trust Him by faith. But what does that look like? (read more)

Abiding in Christ

At the very moment that you received Jesus as your Savior and Lord, you stepped across a threshold to begin an exciting adventure. You took the first step in fulfilling the purpose for which you were created — to glorify God by loving Him, doing His will, and enjoying Him forever. However, it is only by abiding in Christ that we are able to fulfill God’s purpose for our life. (read more)