Is The Bible Accurate
by Josh McDowell (1 of 2)

About this Video
McDowell proposes 2 questions which test the accuracy of the Bible: 1) Is what we have today the same at what was written originally? 2) Is what was written true? McDowell applies a bibliographic test, asking the specific question: “How much time has passed from the time of the original manuscript until the next handwritten copy?” McDowell explains the shorter the elapsed time between manuscripts, the greater the accuracy in most cases. The ancient writings of Aristotle have manuscripts which span over 1,000 years between them. These writings are seen as accurate, whereas the Bible has only 80 years in between manuscript copies, providing evidence for the Bible’s reliability and accuracy.

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About the Speaker
Josh McDowell has been reaching the spiritually skeptical for more than five decades. Since beginning ministry in 1961, he is the author or coauthor of 120 books, with over 51 million copies distributed worldwide.


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