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Growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ is vital to your Christian life. Jesus has made it possible for you to experience a life of meaning, power and fulfillment. He said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

These lessons help you understand foundational insights and principles for growing in your relationship with God so you can fulfill His purpose for your life.

As you progress through the lessons, you will gain increasing glimpses of your new potential in Christ. Then you will experience the adventure and significance He desires for you.

The “Next Steps” in Your Journey?

1. I Just Received Christ! Now What?

Four wonderful things happen when you first become a Christian: Your sins are forgiven, you become a child of God, you receive eternal life, and Christ lives in you. [Read More]

2. How Can I Be Sure of My Relationship with Christ?

Feelings are an unreliable source of security. We must depend on the facts of the Bible to ground our faith in God. [Read More]

3. Faith: Knowing Who You Can Trust

The Bible says, “Without faith it is impossible to please Him” (Hebrews 11:6, NIV). Faith is personal reliance on a God known to be trustworthy. [Read More]

4. Yes, You Can Have a Relationship with God!

When you invited Jesus into your life, you began a relationship with God that is very personal and intimate. Knowing about God is not the same as knowing Him personally and intimately. Many Christians find it hard to really trust God, because they don’t really know Him. When you know Him, you will love and trust Him! [Read More]

5. Becoming Like Jesus

When you made the decision to receive Jesus into your life, you began an exciting journey with Christ that will never end. God’s ultimate plan is to change you into Christ’s image! In order for Him to accomplish that, you will need to commit yourself to learning how to live for Christ.
[Read More]

6. Who is the Holy Spirit?

Many people think of the Holy Spirit as a “what”, but in reality the Holy Spirit is a “who”! The Holy Spirit is a real person. When you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, the Holy Spirit entered your life and He is enabling you to do God’s work! Without the Holy Spirit, living for Christ is impossible. With Him, you can do anything and everything! [Read More]

7. Put the Truth of God’s Word into Your Life!

What you put into your mind influences your behavior! Fill your mind with God’s Word!
[Read More]

8. God is Communicating with You!

The Bible is the primary way that God communicates his desires for His people toHis people! By taking time to read God’s Word on a regular basis, you will grow spiritually and be able to stand firm when difficulties and deceptions come into your life. [Read More]

9. Talk to God!

Prayer is one of the most incredible privileges we have. We actually are invited to come directly into God’s presence and talk with Him about whatever is on our hearts and minds. And He promises to listen and respond! Prayer is the means God uses to give you what He wants for you. God does not just respond to your prayers, He responds to you as a person. [Read More]

10. Get Connected

When you invited Jesus into your life, you became a part of God’s family! When you are joined together with other believers who are growing in Christ, you encourage one another and help one another stay focused on your mutual faith. [Read More]

11. Obedience

Blessing comes through obedience. There’s no other way to put it. It is only when we obey God and live life His way that we truly experience Him and all that He has to offer us. Obedience is a key concept in how we relate to Almighty God. The question is not “What does God want me to do?” but, “Am I willing to do what God wants me to do?” [Read More]

12. Spend Time with God Every Day!

In order to have a great relationship with God, we need to spend time with Him every day! Just like with our human relationships, the purpose of spending time with God is to get to know and understand Him better. [Read More]

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