Who are you?

 Our Mission

JesusOnline Ministries uses Internet technologies to help people throughout the world discover who Jesus is, trust Him as Lord and Savior, follow Him wholeheartedly and share Him with others. [read more…]

What We Do

JesusOnline Ministries uses state-of-the-art Internet technologies, including Google Adwords, to pose questions about Jesus to people throughout the world on thousands of websites, such as CNN.com.

Those readers whose interest is piqued follow the link to a corresponding article on one of our websites. These free articles present strong evidence about the person of Jesus Christ and for the reliability of the New Testament. Each article takes the reader on a thought-provoking journey, which leads to a comprehensive presentation of the gospel. Visitors are encouraged to submit comments and questions for personal follow up. [read more…]

Our Strategy

Our unique strategy is reaching people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! [read more…]

Our History

Inspired by Dr. Bill Bright’s vision to reach the world for Christ, Larry Chapman began a life-long quest to investigate the evidences for the Christian faith. When approached by a Young Life leader requesting answers to help a struggling student, Larry was prompted by his wife, Marianne, to write a summary of the compelling evidences supporting Christianity.

After reviewing evidence and scholarly perspectives on both sides of these issues, he authored a number of articles which examine the questions and present the evidence obtained through his many years of research. [read more…]

Founder’s Message

It was 1960 when I first met Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.  During a special week at Mound, Minnesota, when Campus Crusade was in its infancy, I became infected with Dr. Bright’s desire to reach the world for Christ. After helping Dr. Bright launch Campus Crusade at Kansas State University, I remained committed to reaching the world as a layman. [read more…]