The Path to Hope

Hope Begins with a Relationship!

God reserves His “best” for His children. Are you part of His eternal family? He offers you all His best, but you can only receive it through His Son, Jesus Christ. Discover how to begin a personal relationship with God.   [read] or [watch]

Be Empowered by the Spirit

God has designed you for “supernatural living,” which is dependent on Him for wisdom, power, and resources, available to you only through the filling of the Holy Spirit. You can only live the Christian life successfully by depending on the Holy Spirit to transform you.   [read] or [watch]

Trust God for the Best

Many times we live as though we believe that anything good we experience will be the result of our own efforts. But God wants us to rely on Him and to realize that He is the source of all good blessings that come into our life. [read more]

Wait for God to Intervene

When you’re experiencing tough times, the last thing you want to do is wait for relief. Don’t be discouraged! God knows what you are going through and wants the very best for you. He is the only One who knows what is truly best. God’s timing is very different from our own. [read more]

Live Life God’s Way

Do you know how God defines “successful living”? Are you letting God have His way in your life? God changes people from the inside out. It all begins with heart change that leads to personal transformation, which makes it possible to have healthy relationships. [read more]