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Feeling Confused?

Are you feeling confused about your situation? Maybe you’re just not sure what to do when life seems so crazy and unpredictable? Is God still there? And if he is, why isn’t he showing you the way…? [read more]

Gripped by Fear?

Is your life filled with fear? What are you dreading? Are you anticipating some future catastrophe? Or some challenge you feel certain to fail? Maybe you are concerned about repeating prior mistakes? [read more]

Struggling with Sin Habits?

Do you have an undesirable attitude or ungodly behavior that causes problems? Is a destructive habit jeopardizing your future? God wants to help you change. He desires to transform your character so you are able to enjoy the wonderful things He has planned for you. [read more]

Not Sure God Cares About You?

Is it difficult to believe God loves you? Why would the Creator of the universe have any interest in you? Maybe you wonder how a holy God could want a relationship with someone who has done all the bad stuff you have. [read more]

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