Follow the Smart Money

“…But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven….” (Matthew 6:20, NKJV)

You can have an eternal 401(k). Yes, it lasts forever! Yes, it is guaranteed. The returns are fantastic! In fact, they are beyond our human ability to measure.

In this world crowds of people follow “stock tips.” They follow what they perceive to be “smart money” and invest in companies for which they have little or no information. Most of the time this type of investing results in losses.

Jesus gives us an “eternal investment tip.” He says the smart money of this world will be sure to invest in treasures in heaven. He also says we should use the unrighteous mammon (money) of this world to win friends for eternity!

Yes, you can take it with you by investing it in the world to come. You can only do this by sending it ahead by giving or investing in the kingdom while you are in this world.

Just think; he is giving us the opportunity to trade the paper currencies of this world, which will become worthless, for eternal treasures that will last forever. We can trade the perishable for the imperishable. That seems like a good deal to me!

Today, ask yourself:

Am I following the smart money and investing my time, talent, and treasure in my eternal 401(k)?

[This article is from KingdomNomics by Phil Wiegand]