Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Part 1 of 10)

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed looks to scientists on both sides of the issue and reveals some truly shocking answers.
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Ben Stein begins this video by voicing concern that freedom of inquiry and expression in science is being suppressed. There is a major bias against the possibility of the intelligent design of the universe that prevents an honest evaluation of new supportive scientific discoveries. This bias is illustrated in his interview with Evolutionary Biologist Richard Sternberg who has been ostracized for his conclusions regarding intelligent design.  Many other professors who address the topic of intelligent design are also receiving condemnation from their peers for publicizing their views.
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Video 2

Professor Dr. Caroline Crocker mentioned intelligent design and lost her job at George Mason University. Peers claimed she taught creationism and as a result was blacklisted from being hired at other employers. In another classroom, neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Egnor, received vicious public criticism after telling his students that studying evolution wasn’t necessary to practice medicine. Opponents are worried that allowing giving the freedom to teach intelligent design in the classroom opens the door to allow creationism into the schools. There is a strong public incentive for professors to remain in the main stream and suppress teaching of intelligent design. (watch video)

Video 3

Ben Stein is concerned that “Modern Theory of Intelligent Design is microwaved creationism.” Dr. Nelson from Biola University, claims that creationism properly understood begins with the Bible, asking “How can I fit the Bible into the data of science?” Whereas intelligent design is study of patterns of nature that are best explained as a result of intelligence. Then Darwinism states there is a common decent of all life on earth from a single ancestor by undirected mutation and natural selection. Scientists who are creationists claim that Darwinism corrupts and distorts the evidence and it is bad for science. Darwinism is used to prop a theory that doesn’t fit it. (watch video)

Video 4

David Berlinski, PHd in philosophy, asks “Is the Darwinian Theory clear enough so that it could be correct?” Berlinski says no. He claims that Darwin’s theory is a mess and is like looking into a room full of smoke, nothing is clear. The theory doesn’t say how life begins, the theory starts after the origin of life, with a single cell. Ben Stein discovers that a cell is infinitely more complicated than Darwin thought in 1859. Darwinist Michael Ruse, actually believes Darwin’s theory is more plausible than intelligent design. Ruse supports his opinion with the theory that life is formed on the backs of crystals. Nobel prize winner Francis Crick believes life originated by aliens. Is it even conceivable that life could have happened in a step-by-step method? (watch video)

Video 5

A cell is unlike anything we have ever seen in the physical world, it contains the equivalent of a gigabit of information. Since cells need an information source, scientists want to know where do cells get the information from. Science is a multi-billion dollar industry, but the freedom of science is an obstacle. According to journalist Larry Witham, if you want to get grants, high positions, and awards, you cannot question the paradigm. Scientific establishments are afraid of free speech for fear of unraveling when one aspect of the theory is scrutinized. Evolution is an engine pushing people to Atheism. Is it possible to believe in God and Darwinism? (watch video)

Video 6

Reporters are supplying a boiler plate answer to what intelligent design is. They say that life is “too complex” to answer that question. Therefore, public understanding of evolution and intelligent design never advanced. When reporters side against evolution, extreme pressure is experienced. Journalist Pamela Winnick received hate letters after her article on intelligent design was published. The conflict of where life begins has become a worldview conflict. The debate is a religious war and no longer a scientific investigation. Ben Stein discovers that religions are being attacked instead of society combating Darwinism. (watch video)

Video 7

Evolutionists are here today and gone tomorrow, their belief is that there is no life after death and that there is no free will. Since throughout history, evolution has been illegal to teach, many Christians are unaware of evolution. Science can erode faith by reporting the horrible conflicts with religion. For most evolutionary biologists, Darwinism leads to atheism. They feel religion is fantasy and empty of explanatory content and they hope for religion to fade away and science to replace it. Science was used to replace humans during WWII. People who were handicapped and not able to work were useless eaters and were killed by Nazis. They wanted a society without illnesses and without handicaps. Darwinism was the driver of this madness. (watch video)

Video 8

Ben Stein toured the Hadamar death camp where useless people were killed during WWII. The movement of evolution continued its obsurdity with Eugenics by sterilizing the feeble minded and preventing them from getting married. 50,000 were sterilized because they were unfit to breed. Planned Parenthood drove this movement by pushing birth control for the impoverished and lower classes to help them improve their species. These are examples of how evil can be rationalized as science. Sadly, Hitler thought he was bettering humanity by driving evolution forward. The inhumane drive continues with euthanasia and abortion. (watch video)

Video 9

Science is protecting a failing ideaology from competition. Science is similar to the Cold War, a wall was built in Germany to keep ideas out, society is keeping discovery of science out. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Inquiring builds great nations. Thomas Jefferson had it correct “all men are created equal.” Not only have scientists been expelled, freedoms are being expelled. There needs to be a break in the wall to allow questions to be asked of the sciences and allow academic freedom. (watch video)

Video 10

Ben Stein interviews atheist Richard Dawkins about why he does not believe in the existence of God. When pressed to explain how the universe began, Dawkins does not respond with a clear answer. He then allows for the possibility of intelligent design while still refusing that God could be the designer. Stein then concludes by emphasizing that the freedom of inquiry in science is being threatened. What happens to science when scientists are not free to ask certain questions or express conclusions from their investigations? (watch video)

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