Touching Base 39

As we take a day for reflection … what are you learning about Jesus that is transforming your life?

Take a moment to reflect upon all that you read and experienced this week. If necessary, go back and read the lesson or devotionals, by clicking on an item in “Quick Links.”


Quick Links

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This week’s lesson turned our attention to the fact that Jesus is “Messiah.”

Why is this fact important?

What did you learn about Jesus that you didn’t know before?

This week we began a new series of devotionals focused on the Parables of Jesus as communicated in the book of Luke.

What practical applications did you make to your life based on the stories that you read?

In “Withered and Choked,” Beth Yoe wrote”

As life progresse[s], and it always does, trials caused the plants to wither. Our roots must go down deep into the Living Water in order for us to withstand the hardships of life.

What trials have you experienced?

Is there currently something in your life that is difficult for you? Give it to Jesus!

In what ways are you helping your roots to go down deep in the Living Water?

Take a moment to consider the ways that is God stretching you.

How are you responding to that stretch? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to respond to God’s work in your life with a grateful heart!


Write It on Your Heart

Take a few minutes to memorize this verse:

In certain ways we are weak, but the Spirit is here to help us. When we don’t know what to pray for, the Spirit prays for us in ways that cannot be put into words. All of our thoughts are known to God. He can understand what is in the mind of the Spirit, as the Spirit prays for God’s people” (Romans 8:26-27, CEV)