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This 40 day series highlights various passages throughout the Gospel of Mark where Jesus is constantly interacting with people! Serving, sacrificing, saving–that was the life of Jesus! Jesus had all the power of almighty God–and with that power he came to serve. Are you willing to follow Jesus’ example and serve God and others? Let these devotionals challenge and inspire you to embrace Jesus’ example.

Mark 1:1-5

Prepare the Way for the Lord!


Mark 1:6-8

John, the Nonconformist


Mark 1:9-11

God’s Love … To Us and Through Us


Mark 1:16-20

Follow Me


Mark 1:21-28

True Authority


Mark 1:29-34



Mark 1:35



Mark 1:36-39

Work to Do


Mark 1:40-45

Take What He Has to Offer


Mark 2:1-5

Jesus Knows What We Need


Mark 2:6-12

Your Sins Are Forgiven!


Mark 2:13-17

Again, Follow Me!


Mark 2:23-28



Mark 3:1-6

A Good Deed


Mark 3:13-19

Take Time to Pray


Mark 3:20-21

Do Not Be Foolish


Mark 3:22-30

Jesus, Our Victor!


Mark 4:21-25

Use It or Lose It


Mark 4:26-29

God’s Good Work


Mark 4:30-34

God’s Kingdom is Growing!


Mark 4:35-41

Why Are You So Afraid?


Mark 5:1-13

God’s Mighty Power


Mark 5:14-20

What Is Your Response?


Mark 5:21-34

Jesus’ Power to Heal


Mark 5:35-43

Just Believe


Mark 6:1-6

Are You Amazed?


Mark 6:7-13

God Has Already Prepared the Way


Mark 6:18-28

The Danger Zone


Mark 6:30-34



Mark 8:27-29

Jesus is the Christ!

Mark 8:34-35

Take Up Your Cross


Mark 9:17-25

God’s Goodness


Mark 9:33-35

Who Is the Greatest?


Mark 10:17-23

Again, Follow Me!


Mark 10:46-52

He’s Calling You!


Mark 11:20-25

God’s Will for Us


Mark 12:28-34

Love God, Love Your Neighbor


Mark 14:37-38

Watch and Pray


Mark 16:1-3

The Next Thing


Mark 16:6-8

Tell His Disciples!