Claiming Your Legal Rights
by Tony Evans

It is clear that you and I live in an environment in a world that has been contaminated by sin bringing about a smelly way to live.  A polluted world which leads Jesus to identify a widow in a parable, a woman to make an astounding principle. After watching video, scroll down to see related […]

Trusting God In The Darkness
by Tony Evans

What do you do when uncertainty is in front of you. When you feel like you’re falling apart at the seams? It’s only human to be afraid but Christians have the option to be superhuman. You have to choose to trust God in the dark. It isn’t hard when life is sailing along, but when […]

When You Feel Like Giving Up
by Tony Evans

When you audit a college class you want the information without the responsibility. You don’t want the work of it, just the knowledge about it. You cannot do that with the Cristian life, you cannot audit it. You may be inspired but you won’t be changed because the transformation in your life has to be […]

Why God Allows Your Crisis
by Tony Evans

If your car falls apart you go to a mechanic.  If your house is falling apart you go to a repairman.  If your clothes are falling apart you go to a tailor.  Where do you go when your life is falling apart?  When things are unraveling at a rapid pace and you don’t quite know […]

Learn How To Be Led By God’s Spirit
by Rick Warren

You know life is a series of choices.  We make our choices and then they make us.  We make our decisions and if we make good decisions we become successful, and if we make bad decisions then you know, we’re not.  Every decision has consequences and the potential for error is great because obviously we’re […]

Learn How to Recognize God’s Voice
by Rick Warren

When I get an idea in my head how do I know when it’s from God? Is it from God, is it my idea, or did it come from the devil? There are seven ways to test an impression so that you know it’s a message from God. After watching video, scroll down to see […]

Learn How To Be Set Free From Self-Destruction
by Rick Warren

Do you know there are three enemies that want to mess up your life? They want to keep you from having joy and purpose in your life? If you don’t know who the enemy is you can never win the battle. Best intentions are not enough. What does God want for me? After watching video, […]

Why God Delays Your Blessing
by Tony Evans

So many people today feel like permanent losers. When that spark of enjoyment comes it winds up looking like fireworks on the fourth of July, brightening up your life, but only for a moment, it dissipates and fizzes and the darkness prevails again. If there is one thing that the Christian faith offers you no […]

Getting Through The Enemy’s Line
by Prayer Tony Evans

A tribal chief from Africa was introduced to a body builder and after an impressive show of his strength and muscle the chief asked what else he used his muscles for. The chief said what a waste to have all that muscle and not use it. Our struggle is not against the physical world but […]

Praying & Waiting for God’s Timing
by Tony Evans

Prayer is the one thing God has established to make contact with what he has already decreed. Where there is no prayer there is no contact, and where there is no contact you do not get what God has already declared for you to have, known as his will. Do you want your prayers to […]