How can my life have meaning?

What is the Purpose for Life?

Why do you exist? This is one of the most foundational questions of life. What a person believes about the reason for life has a profound impact on every other decision they make. And yet, many people haven’t a clue how to answer this question. They live without any overarching purpose. For them life is merely there to be used up. So they blindly keep walking on the road of life until it is over.

As tragic and foolish as this may seem, the end result is not any better for those who have given themselves wholeheartedly to any one of the numerous wrong purposes for life. Although they run through life with a great sense of direction, in the end they will have arrived at the same wrong destination.

Why do you exist? Ultimately, because God created you to honor and glorify Him! Read on to gain an understanding of God’s purpose and plan for your life! [read more…]

Five Facts of Life

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Eight Principles for Purpose

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