How can I improve my mental attitude and experience happiness?

Biblical Mental Health

Who you are as a person influences every relationship, goal or activity in your life. Biblical mental health is foundational to your happiness and well-being. Character development is the result of life’s struggles. True success is only possible when a person lives life God’s way. Listen to Dr. Brandt as he reveals foundational truths that will guide you in your personal life and growth as an individual.

Biblical Behavior 

How are your emotions affected by your behavior?
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Biblical Speech 

Why is what you say so important?
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Natural Inner Reactions

How can you deal with inner turmoil?
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Biblical Inner Spirit

How can you cultivate a healthy attitude?
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Biblical Mental Conditioning

How can you deal with the stresses of life?
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The Power of Forgiveness

Why should you forgive?
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Change Attitudes and Behavior

If you are one of those Christians who are repeating a particular sin again and again–and if you would be glad to give it up if you only knew how–then Soul Prescription is for you.

You don’t necessarily need a counselor to confront you with your problems; you can do self-confrontation. Don’t delay and don’t make excuses about your problem, but instead begin today to apply the remedy for your behavior. [read more…]

Discover Inner Peace

Are you experiencing an inner uneasiness that’s telling you that all is not well with your soul? Do you find your thoughts fueled by unhealthy emotions like anger, bitterness, or fear? How can you find the lasting peace and rest that Jesus promised?