Where Are You in Your Journey with God?

People experience Jesus differently depending on where they are in their spiritual journey. Some are discovering who the historical Jesus really is. Others are ready to receive the forgiveness and love he offers. Many have now become followers and are enjoying the adventure of living with Jesus. No matter what state you are in with Jesus, this is a community where we explore and grow together.

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Your Life Has Purpose

Why do you exist?
What is the purpose for life?
This is one of the most foundational questions of life. What a person believes about the reason for life has a profound impact on every other decision they make.

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Know God Personally

God loves you and offers you a way to connect with Him. He wants to have a relationship with you! Through His plan of forgiveness, it's possible to connect with God personally. We're not talking about a religion but a personal relationship with the living God.

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Why Jesus?

Many think that Jesus Christ wants us to become religious. They think Jesus came to take all the fun out of life, and give us impossible rules to live by. They are willing to call him a great leader from the past, but say he is not relevant to their lives today.

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You Are Forever Loved

Do you know God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you? Not because He needs you, but because He wants you. His very nature is love. God wants you to know Him and enjoy His magnificence. Take a few minutes now to discover how you can begin a personal relationship with Him.

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Are You Going to Heaven?

What if you died tonight? Are you absolutely confident where you will dwell in eternity? What if you are wrong? A new study from the Barna Research Group revealed that most Americans believe that "every person has a soul that will live forever, either in God's presence or absence."

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Know Hope

Hope begins with a relationship. God reserves His best for His children. Are you part of His eternal family? He offers you all His best, but you can only receive it through His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus loves you. He offers you purpose in life, forgiveness for your sin, and eternity with Him in heaven. Beginning a personal relationship with Jesus is the most important decision anyone can make a decision that has eternal significance, as well as family benefits while here on earth.

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