Love Revolution

Get ready for a life-changing book. Love Revolution will rock your world as it takes you back to Jesus, the author and finisher of the Christian faith.

The New Covenant is grounded in Jesus’ overwhelming love for us.

In the New Covenant it is no longer about us trying to love God with all our hearts, souls and minds, and trying to love our neighbors as ourselves. The Old Covenant required obedience to these commands. And for centuries the church has been trying and trying (unsuccessfully) to obey their impossible demands.

But Jesus’ spoke a New Commandment—radically different from the Old. On the night He was betrayed—on the night He gave the New Covenant in His blood—Jesus gave a New Love Commandment.

Discover that God loves you first and that He made you and empowers you to share the love He first gives to you, with others.

This book carries a simple, profound message you can’t afford to miss. May your eyes be opened to the freeing truth of His great love. 

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