Knowing Jesus

What Does the Resurrection Accomplish?

What’s the big deal about the resurrection of Jesus? Couldn’t Jesus have died in our place and not been raised from the dead? Couldn’t the atonement of Christ been secure enough without the resurrection? Simply, no! If Jesus has not been raised from the dead, then you are still in your sins! You have not been born again and you have no hope of the resurrection to glory in the future! The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the keystone upon which our faith stands. If the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is not true, then the entire thing comes tumbling down, for He would be just another powerless martyr fell doomed to the greater power of death. (read more)

The Story of Jesus for Children

Share the hope found in Jesus with your own children or other children you know this Christmas.  This free movie is available in 163 different languages!  The link defaults to English but another language can be chosen by clicking “(view other 163 languages)” under the movie title.  It may also be downloaded and/or shared on social media.  (watch movie)

What Proof Do You Have that Jesus Was the Messiah?

It is important to begin by saying that for one who has already made up his or her mind that Jesus is not the Messiah, no amount of evidence will be convincing. But for those who are honest in asking, the evidence speaks for itself.
When sincerely asked, this question is a good one. After all, there have been false Messiahs in Jewish history. Among the most prominent were Bar Kochba and Shabbetai Zevi. Bar Kochba led a revolt against Rome in the years 132-135 C.E.

The idea of a Messiah is one that is found throughout the Hebrew Bible. There, the Messiah’s “I.D.” is given to us. (read more)

What’s in a Name?  What the Names of Jesus Tell Us about His Character

If we want to be like Jesus—if we want our lives to reflect His character—we need to know more about what He was like. In the Scriptures, someone’s name had great significance. A name wasn’t simply how you identified someone. It was intended to reflect that person’s character—to tell a story about that person. That’s why the names given to Jesus were so significant. They tell us His story and give us a picture of what He was like. (read more)