Growing in Christ

Top 7 Bible Verses about Spiritual Maturity

by Jack Wellman

The Bible talks about “spiritual maturity” and “growing up” into Christ.  What does this mean?  What Bible verses speak of a believer’s spiritual maturity and how can we get it? (read more)

The ACTS of Prayer

by Dr. Richard J. Krejcir

A.C.T.S is an acronym or axiom that points us to the Lord’s Prayer and other Scripture, and gives us precepts so we can divide up our time and purpose to engage in prayer with a correct devotion and attitude. “ACTS” refers to the precepts of prayer–the categories of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.  (read more)


Obedience:  Evidence of a Strong Foundation

by Alistair Begg

Like weathering a storm in a house without a foundation, facing eternity without obeying Jesus’ commands is foolish and dangerous. Countering this kind of superficial Christianity, Alistair Begg points out that saying the right religious words, being highly gifted, or even performing miracles won’t win us entrance into the kingdom of heaven. Instead, our lives must bear the fruit of Christ’s lordship.  (listen to audio)

How Does Philippians 2:3-4 Instruct Us to Have Harmonious Relationships?

One of the key ways we have harmony in relationships is viewing other people rightly.  So often the reason why we don’t have harmony is because we’re looking at them for what they can give to us.  (read more)

Core Faith:  Understanding the Essentials of the Christian Life

This study series contains lessons related to foundational truths and practices related to the Christian faith and life. The series may be used in a small group setting, a one on one discipleship meeting, or for individual study. Powerpoint presentations are included for each lesson that can be used as a teacher resource.  (begin series)