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Listen to freely downloadable Christian Audio Books in mp3 format. Download some of the best Christian audio by classic and contemporary speakers such as: Charles Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, C.S. Lewis, A.W. Tozer, John Bunyan and others such as K.P. Yohannan and George Verwer. Listen online or download these to your iPod or media device so you can listen on the go. (see available books)

The New Life:  Words of God for Young Disciples

by Andrew Murray

The New Life aids Christians in their examination of the scripture and offers valuable information to believers who want to overcome sin and live the Christian life. While specifically designed for young converts, the text is useful to all Christians. Murray’s chapters cover a variety of different topics that Christians, particularly those new to the faith, will find remarkably helpful. Murray discusses how Christians should approach the tasks of missionary work, prayer, confession, and baptism. The text also provides practical guidance regarding money, self-denial, discretion, and the temptations of worldly evil.

New Life is a personal devotional, but it is also a resourceful tool for large congregations, small groups, and prayer meetings. The text is simply and easy to understand, and while each individual entry is rather short, Murray supplies substantial scriptural reference for further exploration.  (read or download book)


Digging for Evidence

by Peter S. Williams

In trying to determine if a source of information is accurate, historians test those elements of the testimony in question that can be independently checked. If this checking shows the source was wrong in those details, doubt is cast on everything else the source claims. Conversely, if someone’s testimony checks out in so far as it can be independently assessed, this suggests they are a reliable source that can be trusted about matters that can’t be independently checked.

Archaeologist William F Albright comments that: “The excessive scepticism shown toward the Bible by historical schools of the 18th and 19th centuries, certain phases of which still appear periodically, has been progressively discredited. Many modern archaeological discoveries have established the accuracy of details in different biblical narratives, and have brought increased recognition to the value of the Bible as a source of history.”

This booklet explores how modern archaeology illuminates and verifies the New Testament. (read book)