Life Issues

What is the Purpose for Life?

Why do you exist? This is one of the most foundational questions of life. What a person believes about the reason for life has a profound impact on every other decision they make. (read more)

Can You be Forgiven?

Do you ever have difficulty believing that God has completely forgiven your sins? Maybe you believe it with your head, but not really with your heart. And you know, the fact is, if you’ve placed your trust in Christ, God has forgiven you of your sins. (read more)

Can You Be Sure You’re Going to Heaven?

Do you have questions or concerns about your relationship with God? If you were to die right now, are you absolutely sure that you’d go to heaven? (read more)

Threefold Commitment.  Jesus wants a commitment of our intellect, emotions, and will. (watch and read)

Threefold Confirmation.  There are three ways God confirms that Jesus Christ is in our lives. (watch and read)

Salvation by Faith.  Christians place their faith in Christ and the promises of His Word. (watch and read)

Three-Ball Illustration.  You can be confident you will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus. (watch and read)

More Questions About Life

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