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Life is hard. But it’s even harder without Jesus.

You have been created for life with God. He wants to be your Companion on life’s pathway, your Comforter during adversity, and your Guide when you are perplexed. God wants to rejoice in your successes and help you through your failures.

Where are you in your life’s Journey? We are all going somewhere. No one is really standing still. Every day moves us further along the path of life. Since God is the originator of life, and we are his creation, it only makes sense that your life’s journey can be explained by where it is taking you in relation to Him.

Unfortunately most roads put distance between God and us. Some roads bring us closer to Him. But the best road is the one that begins with our spiritual birth and ultimately leads to our eternal home in heaven. On this road we do not travel alone, because He travels with us.

God has mapped out the route for each one of His children. It is a journey that is filled with adventure and opportunities. But it is also a journey during which we will encounter distractions, temptations, and obstacles.

Where are you in your Journey with God? Are you on a road where you will eventually have an encounter with Him? Or have you already started your personal journey with God through spiritual birth?

It’s Your Journey!

Would you like to know God personally? If you haven’t already done so, begin a personal relationship with God today. Begin traveling on the road for which God created you.

If you have already been born again into God’s eternal family, discover more about the wonderful plan God has in store for you.

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