The Truth about God

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God. Is He real?

Is He here? Does He care?

What is the truth? No God? Many gods? Or one God?

Some believe God is consists of everything and everything is God. Others assume the existence of a Supreme Being.

What is the truth? Is God just a massive energy Force within the universe or a personal being?

The beliefs you have about God are more important than you can ever imagine. You view of God determines the kind of life you live on earth and the hopes you have for the Afterlife.

Consider this. If there is no God, then there are no ultimate standards for behavior or accountability. Society decides right and wrong. It is relative. Your life has no real meaning because you are the product of chance. An accident.

However, if there is a Creator God, then you have been designed for a purpose. And you will be held accountable to the standards established by your Creator.

What do you believe about God?

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