Online Bibles

Do you want to discover what the Bible says about God, life and eternity? But perhaps you don’t have a Bible. Now you can study the Bible online in the Bible translation of your choice and find Bible answers to your questions. The links below will take you to websites that have Bible scriptures available in hundreds of different languages. Share this link with friends who also want to know what the Bible says.

If you’re new to Bible reading, you may want to start with the Gospel of John. (read John)

Bible Gateway

Available in 46 languages with text, PDF and/or audio plus 22 English versions

(New International Version, NIV)
(New Living Translation, NLT)
(New King James Version, NKJV)
(New American Standard Bible, NASB)
(Amplified Bible, AMP)

Biblica Online Bibles

Select the Bible book and chapter from a chart in the NIV, NLT, KJV, NASB, or the MSG. Also has 9 other languages available.
(Browse Bible by Books)

e-Bible Online

The eBible has 9 popular English versions and 22 other language translations available. You can highlight passages or make notes online, like in a print Bible. It is free but you must register using an email address before you can use the highlighting, make notes, read verse explanations, or see related article links. (view eBible)

Biblos Parallel Bible

Compare 18 different versions and multiple commentaries on a single verse, all on one page! (read Bible)

Biblos Children’s Bible

Find 217 Bible stories in easy to understand vocabulary just right for kids.
(open The Children’s Bible)

Biblica Bible Adventures for Kids

Living the Story awakens kids’ mental, physical, social, spiritual and artistic faculties in fun ways while inviting them into the big Story (and all the little stories) of God’s love and interaction with his creation. (free downloads)

Download the Bible

Want to study the Bible, but don’t have one of your own?  You can now get free bible downloads of the New King James Bible, the New International Version Bible, and many other Bible versions.  These free Bibles online are also available in more than 100 languages from the World Bible Translation Center and other sources.  Pass the word about these free Bible resources on to your friends for their own study!

World Bible Translation Center

The Bible is available for download in 29 languages (download Bible)


Download a Bible in English or Chinese.  We provide a gzip compressed file for each version of the Bible translation used on this site. (see available downloads)

Downloadable compiled Bibles for your PC.  (Microsoft Help file format [.CHM]) The following files will work “as is” on any PC with Microsoft’s HTML Help system. (see available downloads)

Unbound Bible

The Bible downloadable in 55 languages for free (download Bible)