Biblical Counseling Insights

The Struggle for Inner Peace

Are you experiencing inner conflict? Does it seem like others or circumstances are robbing you of tranquility? Do you want the peace that Jesus offers?

For a life of peace, you must first discover your true self. Then to know what you have found, you must measure it by God’s standard. You will find yourself short–everyone does. This is the reason you need the help which only Jesus Christ can give you. He alone can make you what you ought to be. The refreshing cleansing that comes from God is capable of washing away all aches and pains brought on by a troubled mind.

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I Want Happiness Now!

Are you facing conditions that are destroying your happiness? Does joy and satisfaction seem illusive? Are you chasing that golden pot at the end of the rainbow hoping something in the future that will bring you contentment?

Seeking contentment from relationships, success, wealth, or other things often ends in tragedy. Some people, no matter what the conditions were in their lives, managed to be happy and well adjusted. Others sank into destructive behavior when life didn’t go their way. How can you join the ranks of those unusual people who are contented no matter what their situation is?

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5 Steps to True Healing and Freedom

Soul Prescription offers the healing and hope you seek. With a unique, methodical, and biblically based approach to eliminating sin habits, these five steps will help you evaluate your behavior and attitudes in light of God’s standards. Then you can begin the process of turning away from debilitating habits and embrace Holy Spirit–empowered virtues.

These proven principles are the result of decades of experience from the respected Christian leader Bill Bright and the well-known biblical counselor Henry Brandt.

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Pride: It’s All About Me

Have you bought into the “all about me” attitude that’s prevalent in our culture today? Even if you haven’t done it consciously, do you sometimes act that way? Do you always want to be first in line? Are you rude behind the wheel, trying to get ahead of everyone else? Do you want to have a better house, car or other possessions than those around you? Pride can rear its head in all kinds of ugly ways.

Pride’s family of behaviors includes conceit, self-righteousness, boasting, selfish ambition, showing off, vanity, and impatience. Discover how these vices can be replaced with humility.

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Fear: From Doubt to Dread

Feeling afraid? Is fear keeping you in bondage? Does fear influence your future?

Some fear may be natural and acceptable. But living in fear because you refuse to move on is another matter: it is sin. A person can have a sinful fear habit just as surely as an immorality habit or a drunkenness habit.

When we are not trusting in God’s care for us, we naturally react to our circumstances by trying to figure out how we can meet our own needs. It is a kind of homegrown providence, and it will never do.

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Anger: When Mad is Bad

Feeling angry? Is anger destroying your relationships? Do you want to change?

Anger is a strong feeling of dislike, displeasure, or antagonism. It is connected to a host of other negative feelings and behaviors, including rage, hatred, bitterness, vengefulness, and violence.

What do you do if you are filled with rage or hatred or bitterness? What do you do if you are vengeful or violent? By God’s grace, you get rid of the sin of anger and replace it with the virtue of forgiveness.

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Overindulgence: Enough is Not Enough

Do you eat too much? Do you find it hard to stop after one or two drinks? Overindulging can have serious consequences, from health problems to jail time, and more.

There are many ways people may let their appetites get out of control. A mother might spend far more time working out at the gym than she needs to keep in shape, neglecting her family responsibilities in the process. A young person might love the adrenaline rush from thrill-seeking activities, such as extreme skiing and class-5 river rafting, to the point that he risks his life. And what about caffeine? Or cigarettes?

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Immorality: Sex Misused

Addicted to porn? Giving in to sexual temptation? Feeling shame? Sex misused can destroy your relationships and your health.

There are many awful ways that the gift of sexuality can be perverted and turned into something degrading and shameful. But the bottom line is that the only place where sexual activity is acceptable is between a man and a woman who are married to each other. As hard as it may seem, sexual abstinence is the requirement for anyone who is not married. And for married couples, sexual attention can be directed only toward your spouse.

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Dissatisfaction: The Restless Heart

Feeling restless? Discontent with your circumstances? Does it seem that nothing ever satisfies?

We have so much, but we want more. If somebody else has got it and we do not, we want it. Even if we do not need it, and even if God has offered no indication that He wants to give it to us, we think it has got to be ours. This attitude goes by the name of envy or jealousy or covetousness. Whatever you call this attitude, it is an improper craving for something another person possesses to such an extent that you cannot be happy unless you have it. It is a sinful desire for things that belong to your neighbor.

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Deceit: Showing a False Face

Feeling guilty about that lie you told today? Or have you told so many that you have a hard time remembering what the truth is? Or perhaps you deceive subtly by pretending to be someone you’re not. Are your relationships suffering for it?

Do you tell falsehoods when it serves your purpose? Do you pretend to be what you are not? Do you trick others for profit?

It can be very tempting to shade the truth or present oneself in a false light for selfish reasons. Nevertheless, each of us must give up deception and learn the ways of honesty and integrity.

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Divisiveness: Disturbing the Peace

Are you critical of others? Do your words sometimes harm your relationships? Do you desire to tame your tongue?

Divisiveness can be a problem in any type of team or group. But in a church group, particularly, unity is essential to bearing fruit. It is as we are all in one accord that we move ahead, under the Spirit’s direction, to the future that God has for us.

When an individual is picking a fight with someone else or setting one part of a group against another, he or she is at fault before God and the body. Some people seem to have a knack for contributing to a conflict so that strife grows and grows.

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Rebellion: Playing Against Your Own Team

Do you have a hard time submitting to the authority over you at work, in your family, at church, or in other situations? Do you disrespect authority figures by refusing to comply, or doing a poor job?

The fact is that in life there are authority structures. In governments, in businesses, in churches, in homes, some people are leaders over others. In different situations, indeed, each of us is a follower and a leader. Except in certain limited situations, to reject or undermine properly instituted authority is to rebel against the order God has established in human society.

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Irresponsibility: The Undisciplined Life

Are you often late for appointments no matter how hard you try to change? Do you leave work, school or other projects to the last minute? Are you always stressed out because you can’t find things?

Irresponsibility manifests itself in many ways. Some people are irresponsible with time. They are habitually late for engagements, causing other people inconvenience as a result. Or they procrastinate, putting off doing what they know they ought to do. Others are irresponsible with material objects. They borrow things from others and either forget to return them or else let them become damaged while in their possession. Or they may take poor care of their own possessions.

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