Attributes of God (1 of 4) by Josh McDowell

About this Video
The most misunderstood term in the world is the term for God. When we properly understand God, we can trust Him to live through our lives.

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About Josh McDowell
Josh McDowell has been reaching the spiritually skeptical for more than five decades. Since beginning ministry in 1961, he is the author or coauthor of 120 books, with over 51 million copies distributed worldwide.

Video 2

God has revealed Himself in the scriptures. Josh McDowell teaches how to redefine the attributes of God to where it speak to us. (watch video)

Video 3

God is truth, He cannot lie. We can trust Him in whatever He says. Right or wrong is based upon the very person and nature of God. (watch video)

Video 4

God is love. God’s love is uninfluenced. Nothing we do can trigger His love, it was initiated by Him. His love is unconditional. (watch video)

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