The Birth of Jesus

This 12-day series highlights, in chronological order, the events surrounding Jesus’ birth as recorded in Matthew and Luke. Although few recognized Jesus as the long awaited Savior, He was and is the King of all the earth!

Take twelve days before Christmas to think about Jesus’ humble entry into our world. Let these devotionals remind you of the significance of His coming and the importance of allowing Him to guide and direct your life.

12 Days to Christmas: The Birth of a Savior King

Day 1:    Can You See God’s Grace?

Day 2:    Give Him the Name Jesus

Day 3:    God with Us

Day 4:    What the Lord Has Said Will Be Accomplished!

Day 5:    Praise … No Matter What

Day 6:    Spread the News!

Day 7:    Our God of Promise

Day 8:    Persevering in Prayer

Day 9:    Worship the Lord with Gladness

Day 10:   In the Presence of a King

Day 11:   Following God’s Plan

Day 12:   Wisdom and Favor