You Are Loved!

Do you know God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you? Not because He needs you, but because He wants you. His very nature is love. God wants you to know Him and enjoy His magnificence. Take a few minutes now to discover how you can begin a personal relationship with Him.

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Let the truth of God’s amazing love fill and overflow your heart as you enjoy this free, 40-day devotional.

Rest in the truth of God’s Word as you read each day of the Creator’s care for you. See Jesus, the Son of God, share His Father’s compassion as He goes about His life on earth.

God desires that you know, deeply and personally, the vast, unending, incompressible love He has for you. He wants you to live in that love—to live knowing that you are valued and cherished—no matter what you have done and no matter the lies that seek to pull you down into feeling unwanted, unacceptable or unable to measure up.

You are valued, treasured and adored by the God of the universe. And as you come to understand this truth in deeper and deeper ways, you will become the person God intends you to be. You will grow to love others out of the love you know God shares with you.

Welcome to the journey. Welcome to 40 Days of God’s Love.


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