A Practical Example of the “Renewing Your Mind” Process

Let’s suppose that you have a problem forgiving others who have hurt you. Consequently, you harbor bitterness in your heart. How can you change?

Step 1 : Are you receptive?

Do you want to change? Are you willing to let God’s truth change you? If not, why? Why are you reluctant to let go of your bitterness?

You can only move through the process if you are willing. Otherwise you will stay at this level until your heart changes and God helps you become ready to move forward.

Step 2: Do you understand?

If you have a receptive heart, you are ready for comprehension.

What does the Bible say about forgiveness and bitterness? Find all the passages you can. Then study those passages. What do those passages mean? According to the passages, what should you think, say and do? Next, consider if any of the passages describe benefits or consequences associated with forgiveness and bitterness.  What does the Bible say about why we should obey God and what happens if we don’t?

Step 3: Are you convinced?

Once you understand the truth about forgiveness and bitterness, you can consider how valuable these truths are to you.

Are you convinced that God’s truth can impact your life? Why is it important? As you meditate on the benefits and consequences, you will develop conviction.

Step 4: What will you do?

Once you are convinced, you must determine what steps you will take to apply it.

Commit yourself to perseverance in the follow through even though it may be difficult. As you persevere, your character will change.

That’s the process of being transformed by the renewing of your mind with God’s truth. However, the process cannot begin until you are receptive to God’s truth and willing to change.

How long does it take to go through the process? Well, that depends on how much new understanding you need before you are convinced of the importance to change what you think, say and do. In some cases, it may only require minutes. In other cases, it may take months. But in either case, this is God’s process for transforming your life.

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