Discerning God’s Will

Many people ask themselves, “What is God’s will for me?” A good question! And the answer to that good question is found in the Bible. But the answer is not always what we anticipate.

The Bible teaches that God has a specific plan for you … but that plan is specifically tied to how you fit into his eternal master plan. God has given you the freedom to choose his plan or your own plan. However, it’s important to remember that you have the freedom to choose, but not freedom from the consequences of your choice. To choose wisely you must understand how life fits into the big picture of God’s eternal master plan, and you must learn from the choices others have made.

All of creation and history exist for the glory of God. Ultimately we have been created to know God, to appreciate his divine qualities, and to give ourselves to God in worship and service. The value of our existence is derived from our knowing God and pleasing him with our lives.

All of creation is but a showplace where God can display his incredible magnificence to other living beings. God is developing a relationship with his people. We demonstrate our love for him and our faith in him through our obedience, even in the midst of great adversity.

Meditate on the following Bible passages and ask God to help you fit into his plan! (read Bible passages)

Understanding God’s Eternal Master Plan

How many times have you made decisions that you thought were right, only to discover later that you had not seen the big picture. Good decisions require understanding the context. Many times we are so wrapped up with the circumstances of our situation that we fail to see the big picture of God’s eternal plan. Take a look at God’s big picture to see how you fit it! (read more)

Making Choices

From the onset of creation, God designed his creatures with freedom to make their own choices. But how do we make the “right” choices? You can step confidently into your future by applying these 6 principles to your decision-making process. (read more)

Finding Purpose in Life

Why do you exist? It is not enough to be able answer that question confidently and convincingly. You must also answer it correctly … or you will end up wasting your time and talents on a life without purpose. Discover a framework for identifying your purpose in God’s world. (read more)

King Solomon Tried It All!

Life is meaningless apart from God. Period. Back in Old Testament Bible times, King Solomon experienced the futility of searching for purpose apart from God. We can avoid an unfulfilled life by learning from Solomon’s adventures in emptiness. (read more)