Is Today's Bible Authentic?

Is the Bible reliable? Eric Metaxas explores some of the ways we can know that today’s version of the Bible is legit. [watch video]

Begin The Relationship

God loves you and offers you a way to have a personal relationship with Him! [watch video]

Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

Many believers are living spiritually defeated lives. They feel powerless and unproductive in their Christian experience. But the truth is, Christ offers us a vibrant life full of purpose and adventure if we walk daily in the power of the Holy Spirit. [watch video]

The Case For The Creator by Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel examines scientific evidences that would lead one to the existence of God. [watch video]

Reliability of Christ's Resurrection by Lee Strobel

The ancient world agrees that the tomb of Christ was empty. The resurrected Christ was seen by 515 eye witnesses. [watch video]

How To Study The Bible: Application

Does God speak to us? James Choung reflects on hearing God. [watch video]