Touching Base 46

Another day to step back and reflect on all that you’ve read, thought about, and experienced in the past week. In what ways are you experiencing the love and power of God in your life?

As you reflect on what you are learning about what it means to have life in Christ, if necessary, go back and read anything you received this week that you want to reconsider … or that you missed!


Quick Links

Lesson: Jesus Life of Love Lesson 5: “Jesus Rescues a Woman Caught in Adultery”
Trust in God’s Goodness
Who Do You Say that Jesus Is?
Total Transformation
Go Directly to Jesus!
Forgiveness … Jesus’ Way


In this week’s lesson describing how Jesus rescued a woman caught in adultery, the author made this observation in the Introduction:

Over and over again we need to experience the essential truth that God values us beyond comprehension. In relationship with God and others who share His love, our minds and hearts are transformed. God’s love becomes real to us so that our whole nature and way of thinking changes.

In what ways is your life being transformed by God’s love?

How is your life changing because you are experiencing God’s love?

This week, what Biblical truth challenged you? Encouraged you? Convicted you?

In “Trust in God’s Goodness,” Beth Yoe wrote:

It is God’s desire for us to depend on Him alone. We need to be content with His provision. Relying solely on Him—on His sure sufficiency—this is the way of rich blessing even though it may lead us down difficult paths we would not have chosen. Being content with His provision for us will keep us from being plagued with fear and anxiety which is so prevalent in our day. This means we are able to leave the results in His very capable hands.

What does it mean to you to depend on God alone?

In what ways are your currently depending on God? In what ways are you depending on yourself?

Is there anything that frightens you about depending on God alone? Ask Him to reassure you!

Yesterday, Beth Yoe wrote in “Forgiveness … Jesus’ Way”:

Wouldn’t it be far more … merciful, loving, and obedient, if when offended by a brother or sister in Christ, believers would heed our Lord’s instructions to forgive? Instead, when offence occurs, we oftentimes unforgivingly run straight to everyone else. We love to spout forth the wrong doing, in lieu of lovingly going first to the offender, and get in our version of how we were wronged. We are particularly prone to head for people we know will be readily sympathetic to our case, building an alliance to defame and shame those who have hurt us. Malice and anger fester and bleed and ultimately produce bitterness. This unwillingness to forgive and a desire for revenge bring us much harm.

Ouch! In what ways do you typically handle a situation where you need to forgive someone?

When is hardest for you to forgive others? When is hardest for you to receive forgiveness from someone else?

How can you remember to depend on God’s love and power when you need to extend forgiveness?

Go a Step Beyond

Take a few minutes to think about who God is and how He works through your life. Click on the link below to access a video by Josh McDowell:


Attributes of God @

Write It on Your Heart

Take a few minutes to memorize this verse:

“Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment!” (James 2:12–13)