Touching Base 44

Every day you are receiving knowledge from God’s Word that has the potential to change your life. As you read about and reflect upon the life and love of Jesus, what difference is it making in your life on a day to day basis?

If necessary, go back and read anything you received this past week that you want to reconsider … or that you missed!

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Lesson: Jesus Life of Love Lesson 3: “Jesus Tells the Story of the Lost Son”
Choosing to Follow Jesus
You Need a Savior
The Next Step
Are You Ready?
The All-Encompassing Compassion of Christ


This week’s lesson focused on the parable of the Lost Son.

Which person do you most relate to in this story: the father, the lost son, the older son?

In what ways do you currently view God’s love?

The lesson ended with this question: Can you identify any wrong thoughts that are keeping you from fully receiving your heavenly Father’s love?

Beth Yoe wrote in “Choosing to Follow Jesus”:

Emotional zeal will not sustain us when the winds of life blow hard. Our love for Jesus must be grounded in the knowledge of the truth of His Word.

How do you most often handle “the winds of life”?

In what ways are you grounding your love for Jesus in the knowledge and truth of His Word?

In “The All-Encompassing Compassion of Christ,” Beth included this quote by D.A. Carson:

It is rare that Christians earnestly seek the Lord’s face when things are going swimmingly, when material blessings abound and we seem to be protected from the vicissitudes faced by others. But in the blackness of discouragement, when we are harassed and downcast, we may indeed turn to the Lord and acknowledge our helplessness apart from his grace; we may do so knowing that God is a compassionate God and that Jesus’ compassion was particularly directed toward the harassed and the helpless.

What place are you at in your life today? Where things are going very well? In a place of “blackness”? Ask your heavenly Father to meet you there.

In what ways are you experiencing God’s compassion?

Go a Step Beyond

Take a little extra time to focus on your relationship with God. You will experience spiritual growth as you put your trust in Jesus Christ. And as you grow, you will be able to trust God increasingly with every detail of your life. Take a few minutes to watch this video:

Develop the Relationship @

Write It on Your Heart

Take a few minutes to memorize this verse:

“Your word, O LORD, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.” (Psalm 119:89)