Touching Base 17

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been focusing on the work and power of the Holy Spirit. In what ways are you beginning to notice (or have been reminded about) the Spirit’s work in your life?

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Empowered by Christ Lesson 3: Spirit-Controlled vs. Self-Controlled
God’s Supernatural Guidance
God’s Gift of Peace
Overcoming Fear
An Incredible Sacrifice


This week’s lesson continued our focus on the Holy Spirit. Do you tend to be more Spirit -controlled or self-controlled? What steps do you need to take to allow the Holy Spirit to have more control in your life?

As Beth Yoe wrote about the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives in “God’s Supernatural Guidance” she included a quote from C.H. Macintosh:

“If a man is drawing on his own resources, he will soon run dry. It matters not what his powers may be, or how extensive his reading, or how vast his stores of information; if the Holy Spirit be not the spring and power of his ministry, it must, sooner or later, lose its freshness and its effectiveness.”

When you are not relying on the Holy Spirit, what do you most tend to turn to?

What kind of result might you see if you leaned into the Holy Spirit’s source of power?

On the next day, Beth wrote these words about peace, “The peace of Jesus provides calm in the midst of a storm.”

In what ways do you need the peace of Jesus?

How can drawing on the strength of the Holy Spirit when you are in the midst of a storm give you peace?

In “Overcoming Fear,” Beth wrote, “We must remember that we can do nothing of eternal value apart from Christ. It is only when we are weak in the estimation of our own abilities that we are strong in God’s perfect, all-achieving power.”

God’s perfect, all-achieving power is accomplished through the Holy Spirit! What reminder can you put into your days to prompt you to turn to the Holy Spirit first when you are facing some type of difficulty?

What one principle can you apply to your own life from this week’s devotionals?

Go a Step Beyond

Here’s this week’s recommendation for an on-line video with information on the life of purpose and adventure we can live when we walk daily in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Walk in the Spirit

Write It on Your Heart

Take a few minutes to memorize this verse:

For he himself is our peace.” (Ephesians 2:14)