Touching Base 1

So, how’s it going?  You’ve been exposed to a lot of God’s Word since you first indicated you wanted more information! What is happening in your life? Are you excited? Overwhelmed? Joyful? Connected … to God … to others?

Take a few moments to consider all that you’ve read, thought about, prayed about, maybe discussed with other people, and learned in the past week. If necessary, go back and read anything you received this week that you want to reconsider … or that you missed!

Quick Links


  • What is the most exciting thing you’ve learned in the past week?
  • Have you been challenged in any way in your faith?
  • Have you found a way to think about God’s Word every day?
  • Have you found a group of other believers to share life with? If so, in what ways do you think these people are going to help you grow in your relationship with God? If not, what steps are you taking to find a group?
  • Are there any ways you are experiencing Jesus as “the light” in your life?
  • Is there anything specific you need or want to do in the coming week to be more intentional about following Jesus?

Go a Step Beyond

Every week we are going to include a recommendation for an additional resource or website where you can find more information to help you discover more about growing in your relationship with Jesus.

Take a few moments to check out this article:

Why Grow? at