The Passion of Jesus

This 40 day series highlights in chronological order the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection as recorded in all four gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The main purpose for Jesus’ coming was to open the door of forgiveness to all people by dying on the cross. His resurrection is not only a victory over death, it witnesses to the immense power of God Himself. Only He who created life can resurrect it. Only He can eradicate the consequences of sin. And only He can bring us back into a relationship with Himself!

The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is the story of our reconciliation to God! Let these devotionals remind you of Jesus’ incredible sacrifice and encourage you to live in His love and grace.

Day 1: The Beginning of the End (Luke 22:1-6)
Day 2: Pay Attention! (Luke 22:7-8)
Day 3: God Has a Perfect Plan (Mark 14:12-16)
Day 4: The Great Love of Jesus (John 13:1)
Day 5: A Servant of All (John 13:3-9)
Day 6: A Willing Heart (John 13:12-17)
Day 7: So That You Will Believe (John 13:18-19)
Day 8: Standing Firm (Luke 22:14-16)
Day 9: Sorrow (John 13:21)
Day 10: Confusion (John 13:22-24)
Day 11: Resting in Jesus (John 13:25-28)
Day 12: Misplaced Trust (John 13:29-30)
Day 13: New Covenant (Luke 22:17-20)
Day 14: Helped By the Holy Spirit (Luke 22:31-32)
Day 15: Search Me, O God! (Luke 22:33-34)
Day 16: Pray That You Will Not Fall Into Temptation (Luke 22:39-40)
Day 17: Embracing God’s Will (Luke 22:41-42)
Day 18: God’s Strength (Luke 22:43-44)
Day 19: Don’t Fall Asleep! (Matthew 26:40-45)
Day 20: Betrayed! (Luke 22:47-51)
Day 21: By His Wounds We Are Healed (John 18:12-14)
Day 22: Fear (John 18:15-18, 25-27)
Day 23: What Is In Your Heart? (John 18:29-32)
Day 24: King of the Jews (John 18:33-34)
Day 25: Suffering (John 19:1-3)
Day: 26 God’s Plan Unfolding (John 19:14-16)
Day 27: Jesus Died for Us! (John 19:17-22)
Day 28: Hope in Times of Despair (Luke 23:49)
Day 29: Love That Results in Courage (John 19:38-42)
Day 30: He Has Risen! (Luke 24:1-8)
Day 31: But They Did Not Believe (Luke 24:9-12)
Day 32: Only Jesus (John 20:10-16)
Day 33: I Have Seen the Lord! (John 20:17-18)
Day 34: Go to God … First! (Luke 24:13-16)
Day 35: Peace Be With You! (John 20:19-20)
Day 36: A Job to Do (John 20:21-23)
Day 37: Stop Doubting and Believe (John 20:24-25)
Day 38: Jesus Makes Another Appearance (John 21:9-14)
Day 39: Do You Love Me? (John 21:15-17)
Day 40: A Special Blessing (Luke 24:50-51)