Encounters with Jesus

Each one of us needs an encounter with Jesus! This 30 day series highlights the many different encounters people of the New Testament had with Jesus as recorded in all four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus interacted with all kinds of people. He healed some, rebuked others, and encouraged those who needed the words of affirmation only He could speak. Some reached out to him, while He simply knew how to respond to others who possibly were unaware of what they needed most. Rich, poor, young, old … Jesus knows and cares for us all; no one is beyond his love and compassion! The stories of his encounters with the people of His day are also our stories. As you read these devotionals, may your encounter with Jesus give you a new insight into who He is and make you more like Him.

30-Day  Devotional Series

  1. The Humility of Jesus  (Matthew 3:13-17)
  2. Finding Security and Comfort  (Luke 18:15–17)
  3. Jesus is Calling You  (Luke 5:27–28)
  4. Just One Touch  (Luke 8:42–48)
  5. No Obstacles  (Luke 9:1-8)
  6. Desperate  (Luke 8:27–31)
  7. Jesus Has the Power  (Luke 8:32–37)
  8. Let Others Know!  (Luke 8:38–39)
  9. In the Right Place at the Right Time  (John 4:4–9)
  10. Living Water  (John 4:10)
  11. Are You Thirsty?  (John 4:11–14)
  12. Liberation  (John 4:15–18)
  13. Set Free  (John 4:25–26)
  14. You Matter to Jesus!  (John 4:27)
  15. Good News  (John 4:28–30)
  16. Lord, Help Me!  (Matthew 15:21–28)
  17. In the Presence of Jesus  (Luke 10:38–4)0
  18. Priorities  (Luke 10:38–40)
  19. The Holiness of God  (Luke 17:11–14)
  20. Thank You, Jesus  (Luke 17:15–19)
  21. Jesus, Have Mercy on Me!  (Luke 18:35–38)
  22. What Do You Need from Jesus?  (Luke 18:39–41)
  23. Praise to God  (Luke 18:42–43)
  24. We Have Hope When We Have Jesus  (Matthew 9:18–19, 23–26)
  25. God’s Faithfulness  (John 6:5–9)
  26. Jesus Knows Our Every Need  (John 6:10–13)
  27. Jesus Is King!  (John 18:33–34)
  28. Trusting Jesus  (Luke 23:32, 39–43)
  29. Follow Jesus!  (John 21:1–6)
  30. Beyond Our Imagination  (John 21:25)