Intro to the Birth of Jesus

Birth of Jesus Devotionals

Yesterday brought us to the conclusion of the “Highlights in the book of John” devotionals. Throughout the book of John, we are reminded of the glory of Jesus Christ. He came to reveal His Father to us and introduced us to the work of the Holy Spirit.

What new insights about the life of Jesus did you gain as you read through devotionals and lessons for the past couple of weeks?

For the next several days we are going to take a brief look at a series of devotionals highlighting the birth of Jesus. Although few recognized Jesus as the long-awaited Savior, He was and is the King of all the earth!  As you read these devotionals, think about Jesus’ humble entry into our world. Reflect upon the significance of His coming and the importance of allowing Him to guide and direct your life.

Jesus is the greatest gift ever given and the greatest gift each one of us can ever receive. God’s incredible love came to us, his children, in the form of a tiny baby. Keep your eyes on Him and the incredible love of God.

You may be receiving this information at a time when it is not even close to when Christmas is celebrated, but it’s good to be reminded of Jesus’ humble birth at any time of the year! Sometimes we are so caught up in everything else that is considered “Christmas” in our world today that we lose sight of the tiny baby who was born in a manger. Let these next several days be a reminder to you of Jesus miraculous birth and how it changed the world.


Here are two great observations about the birth of Christ:

“We consider Christmas as the encounter, the great encounter, the historical encounter, the decisive encounter, between God and mankind. He who has faith knows this truly; let him rejoice.” –Pope Paul VI

“It is impossible to conceive how different things would have turned out if that birth had not happened whenever, wherever, however it did … for millions of people who have lived since, the birth of Jesus made possible not just a new way of understanding life but a new way of living it. It is a truth that, for twenty centuries, there have been untold numbers of men and women who, in untold numbers of ways, have been so grasped by the child who was born, so caught up in the message he taught and the life he lived, that they have found themselves profoundly changed by their relationship with him.” –Frederick Buechner



Give Him the Name Jesus  (Matthew 1:18-21)

God with Us  (Matthew 1:22-25)

Spread the News  (Luke 2:16-20

In the Presence of a King  (Matthew 2:9-12))