Endnotes – Did Jesus Say He was God?

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7. Ego eimi is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name used to describe God in Isaiah 43:10-11. Dr. James White notes, “The closest and most Who Is the Real Jesus? 112

logical connection between John’s usage of ego eimi and the Old Testament is to be found in the Septuagint rendering of a particular Hebrew phrase, ani hu in the writings (primarily) of Isaiah. The Septuagint translates the Hebrew phrase ani hu as ego eimi in Isaiah 41:4, 43:10 and 46:4” (aomin.org/EGO.html). See also “Did Jesus Claim to Be God?” Y-Jesus.com/Evidence7.

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11. A deist is someone who believes in an absentee God—a deity who created the world and then lets it run according to pre-established laws. Deism was a fad among intellectuals around the time of America’s independence, and Jefferson bought into it.

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