Bible Featured Videos

The Bible as Evidence

Is the Bible the word of God or just a story? Dan Kimball examines the historicity of the Bible and whether or not it’s reliable or even relevant. [watch video]

Is The Bible Bogus? by Lee Strobel

Lee examines the evidence about whether the Bible is trustworthy. [watch video]

Is Today's Bible Authentic?

Is the Bible reliable? Eric Metaxas explores some of the ways we can know that today’s version of the Bible is legit. [watch video]

Is The Bible Accurate by Josh McDowell

McDowell proposes a two question test for Bible accuracy: 1) Is what we have today the same at what was written originally? 2) Is what was written true? [watch video]

Why the Bible? by Ravi Zacharias

Ravi answers hard-hitting questions from students at the University of Illinois. [watch video]