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Time With God

Know God deeply and enjoy him more through devotions and courses.

Facts For Faith

Discover evidence about Jesus, God and the Bible through different series and articles.


Total Life Discipleship begins with God's vision that leads to personal transformation and results in eternal impact.


Introduce others to a life of joy and purpose in Christ. Learn how to share your faith.


Send comments or questions to the Jesus Online team via our messaging portal.

Prayer Requests

Submit prayer requests to the online community and pray for others.


As you engage with the app and read content, you'll earn badges and will be able to view the badges you've earned over time.


Ensure the app is only accessible to you by activating a 4 digit passcode.


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The JesusOnline personal discipleship app has the Bible-based resources you need for your spiritual journey with God. The app will help you discover and understand the biblical insights that deal with your innermost questions and spiritual needs. Through faith in God's many promises, your life will be transformed as a follower of Jesus.

  Inspirational Bible Verses Every Day

Be encouraged in seven different ways as you read daily Bible verses with related devotions and articles you can share with friends.

  Experience More of God's Loving Presence

Get to know God better and enjoy him more through the in-app NET Bible, devotions, Bible studies, prayer and worship resources. Experience God 24/7 by spending time with him in six different ways.

  Become More Like Jesus

God has a vision of you that will lead to your personal transformation and will result in your impact for eternity. You will discover 10 building blocks for maturity, ways to overcome attitude and behavior problems, and how to cultivate godly relationships.

  Be More Confident with Evidence

Discover evidence about Jesus' true identity, his resurrection, the existence of God, and the reliability of the Bible. Your faith will be strengthened and you will have answers to assure others in their spiritual walk.

  Help Others Find Jesus

Be equipped with articles, videos, and ways to introduce others to a life of joy and purpose in Jesus.

  Engage with a Community of Growing Believers

Submit prayer requests to the online community and pray for others. Grow through the insights of others.

Make the JO APP your daily digital resource and become a total life disciple of Jesus in your adventure with God.